We work with different curriculums, which gives each child the possibility of exploring his/her own abilities and preferences. We make a close study of child’s perception, imagination, and his/her reaction on all visual graphics, example supplies, equipment and environment.  We teach them the freedom of exploration and self-teaching. Children learn best through play, and we create a safe environment for them to explore freely. We help the children regulate their feelings (sad, angry, pain, or hunger). We provide a warm and welcoming environment for children to transition smoothly each morning and between activities. We thrive to build trust in both children and parents. Children enjoy learning inside and outside the classroom. Directing all our actions (later ideas) with precedence, patience, hugs, support, appreciation, kindness, and love, so each child will explore and learn with unlimited potential.


Our inside classroom settings provide all kinds of training areas such as:  library, art, music, dramatic, kitchen, building, and library areas. It also provides all kinds of visual aids such as graphic examples (posters): Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Animals, Sign Language and Alphabet.


Our safe outdoors environment is built not only for vigorous play, but also where children can use their loud voices, experience different climates, explore the wild life, release excess energy, and engage in different projects. They will test and strengthen their physical skills and engage in cognitive as well as physical activities for infants and toddlers. We provide a safe, caring, nurturing atmosphere and stimulating environment that meets every child’s needs and is filled with love and warmth. We teach children to be consistent and self-starters.