Programs included in our curriculum: 

  • We accommodate children ages 3 months – 4 years
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and 2 Snacks (Provided by parents)
  • Outdoor play
  • Indoor play
  • Circle time
  • Literature
  • Art and sensory activities
  • Music and movement
  • Social and emotional development

   *Special programs in our curriculum:

  • Toddler Science
  • Toddler Swim (summer only)
  • Languages: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Armenian, Russian, and Sign Language
  • More programs are available

(* Additional fees vary by program)

Our outlook of child development:

  1. Together we help your child transition smoothly each and everyday. During drop offs, and throughout the day with various activities. Teaching them self-comforting skills, and secure attachments.
  2. Our goal is to aid and improve your child’s cognitive, social-emotional, language, speech, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Skills that they will need to learn to better prepare them for the future. Which will open the doors to happiness and success.
  3. The purpose and intention of our work in our facility is to provide the right guidance to all of the following important child expressions:
  4. a) Facial Expression (smile, shining eyes)
  5. b) Act with purpose – learning to act and respond to different things and people in their environment (acting with a new result, making each day a step upward the child development ladder (depending of their individual expression).
  6. c) Voice sings planning each tomorrow into what you reach today.
  7. d) Learning to express their feelings into words, and communicate with their peers and caregivers.
  8. e) Develop child (infant or toddler) perception through multiple repetitions.